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Thread: BeyondPod always hangs trying to play a particular episode

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    Question BeyondPod always hangs trying to play a particular episode

    A recent episode of "NPR Planet Money" was titled "#504: Can Hospitals Save Money By Making Doctors Squirm?". When I try and play that episode in BeyondPod, it hangs the application. Restarting or even uninstalling and reinstalling the application doesn't help. Eventually I got things working again by using a file manager to completely remove the BeyondPod directory. Even after that, download that episode and playing it again causes the problem. I'm guessing there is something about the metadata for this episode which is causing the issue.

    This is happening on my Android phone, which runs Gingerbread.

    I think this is a bug. Is this forum the right place to report problems like this?

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    What version of BeyondPod are you using (you can see it in Menu > More > About BeyondPod)? I tried this same episode on a Gingerbread device (Droid X with Android 2.3.4) and it played without any issues.

    The latest Market release 3.2.59 - if you you happen to run an earlier version, can you please try upgrading to the latest release and try again.

    If you are running the latest BeyondPod version and still have the crash, can you please send us your log file: Menu > More > Settings > Menu (press menu key again) > View Logs > View BeyondPod Log.
    Once you see the log file you can send it to our support using: Menu > E-mail Support (just make sure to mention in the body of the e-mail that it is related to this forum post).


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    I sent a note to support, but I'm including some of that information here as well in case others encounter this issue.

    I confirmed that I am running the latest version, 3.2.59. My phone is a Pantech Crossover running Android version 2.3.6.

    I sent a log to the support email address, but it didn't seem to contain much useful information.

    It seems to hang when I add the episode to the play list, even before any attempt to play it.

    I have used BeyondPod to listen to Planet Money for a long time now, many months at least. I only began seeing this problem in the past week or so. I notice that the Planet Money RSS feed is pretty large -- it contains hundreds of episodes going back to 2008, and the file size is about 1.5MB. Could this be causing the problem?

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