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Thread: Playlist: Build a Playlist from multiple Categories

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    Playlist: Build a Playlist from multiple Categories

    I have previously mentioned this elsewhere, but I thought I'd more formally request it here.

    From the Player / Playlist I'd like to be able to quickly replace the current playlist or build it by adding podcasts in a certain category.

    Although I'd like a more direct access to this, with the Player tab now set to access the Playlist, the most obvious way to do this using the current implementation would be to extend the menu available from the Add-to-playlist icon in the edit playlist screen:
    • Clear Playlist*
    • Add SmartPlay Episodes
    • Add Latest 10 Audio**
    • Add Latest 10 Video**
    • Add Category A
    • Add Category B
    • Add Category C
    • Add Category D
    • ...
    • Uncategorised
    • ***
    • Add All Episodes

    ... with the categories shown with their colour codes, and in the order set up in Manage Categories. As the colour bars are already displayed in the dimmed playlist behind the menu, it would probably be better to show the colours as a block or circle to the right of the category names, rather than as a bar on the left, where they'll be more difficult to see against the background of the playlist.

    * This is currently not available in this menu, and would be useful
    ** Actually, I'd never use these, but they're there already, so let's not remove functionality.
    *** A submenu could also be added here to access All episodes in each individual feed

    The initial sort order should be whatever is set as the default Local Episode sort order in the General settings, as the Local Episodes setting for one feed in a category may be different from another (but see below for other sorting options).

    My use case is that I have a carefully crafted SmartPlay list to keep me supplied with a prioritised playlist for personal listening, and a separate set of podcasts that I only listen to jointly with my partner (usually on long-ish car journeys). So I'd like to be able to easily clear my playlist and switch to the selected category when appropriate, and then be able to easily clear that and switch back to my SmartPlay list when I'm on my own.

    Those who don't use playlists could use this feature to switch between various categories, or to quickly build a playlist consisting of episodes from multiple categories. To achieve the same from the Episodes view, for each category you'd have to
    1. Select a category
    2. Select all
    3. Add All to Playlist
    4. Tap Done

    ... which is rather long-winded.

    As a related feature, it would be useful to be able to sort the playlist in the same ways that the Episode list (i.e. by Feed, Latest, Oldest, Name, Name descending, Duration, Duration Descending, Played Portion or File Name).


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    The intent of the current menu "Add Latest..." was to do exactly what you suggest - provide a way to "pull" episodes into the playlist (vs. "pushing" them). The 2 options there were mostly a showcase for this approach and gather feedback if this is indeed useful. Ultimately the idea is to do what you suggests and allow dynamic creation of the playlist. The biggest issue is to make this process simple, intuitive and flexible. On idea is to use a mechanism similar to the way you build "SmartPlay" - rather than having all categories listed, have a single option (like "Select Episodes") and pick oldest/latest and category or a feed -similar to SmartPlay. We are trying to get 3.0 ready for releasing on the Market next week, so in this is something that we plan to address in 3.1.


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    Might this be addressed more generally by having multiple SmartPlay programs? I could see wanting different playlists when I'm in different environments, when I might not be able to listen carefully, or when I want to be entertained, or educated.

    I could handle a single playlist, and just restart when switching.


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    Yes, multiple "SmartPlay" sets is something that we are considering too.

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