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Thread: Smartplaylist not doing what I expected

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    Smartplaylist not doing what I expected

    I have a smartplay playlist with about a dozen feeds. I would like to always download the newest episodes, but I want to play them starting with the oldest episode of all of the feeds. Today when I went to start the smartplay (Menu-Start Smartplay), it wanted to start with an episode that was downloaded last night. This is strange to me because there were still older episodes left over from yesterday. What settings do I need to set in order for the smartplay to work this way?

    Also, from the screenshot above, what is the "8" in the lower right corner referring to? I think I have it set up to save 50 episodes, but is my smartplaylist only 8 episodes?

    After I realized that the smartplaylist wanted to start with a new episode, I tried manually watching the oldest two episodes (Cygnus X and Curiosity's Cameras). But after each episode, it did not "delete and play next" as I have set in the settings.

    Finally, does the Play button in the lower left do the same thing as Menu-Start Smartplay?

    I am using BP 3.20.59 for tablets.

    The settings I have set that I think are applicable here are:

    Sort feeds by = Date (Oldest on top)
    Sort local podcast episodes by = Oldest

    Player settings
    After playing = Delete and play next

    Playlist settings
    Configure smartplay = Start with newest 8 episodes of category Smartplay playlist
    Auto rebuild smartplay = checked
    Keep current episode = checked
    Automatic playlist = checked
    Remove played from playlist = checked

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    Here's a higher resolution screenshot if needed

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    The "oldest" selection picks the episode with the oldest publication date, the date shown on the category or feed screen, as opposed to when it was downloaded. Does this explain the behavior?

    Ah! "General/Sort by" sets the display order when looking at feeds or categories. "SmartPlay/8 newest" controls the construction of the playlist. That's why your playlist starts with the wrong episode. Flip that to "8 oldest" and see if it suits you better. You can group feeds into different categories to control the ordering of groups of feeds. Personally, I use one category of each feed to control when it updates, and the other to group into SmartPlay bunches (loosely by duration and personal priority, but that's just me), and play the contents of each category oldest first.

    The "8" is the number of episodes in the playlist; if you tap it, BP will display the playlist with episode details and reordering handles on the left.

    "Delete and play next" should take effect if the episodes finished while they were in the playlist; otherwise, the episodes are left alone; this allows you to skip around at will.

    The Play button is just play/pause, same as the widget. The little ^ next to it pops up the RW/speed/FF buttons and more episode detail.

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    Thanks, Dennis. That seems to have cleared things up.

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