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Thread: Playback skips current episode when resuming bluetooth connection

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    Playback skips current episode when resuming bluetooth connection

    I've been using BP to stream podcasts over bluetooth to my car's headunit. When I come back to my car after being work and start it up BP connects automatically to the headunit and starts streaming. However, it consistently starts playing the next episode in the playlist and not the current one.

    As some additional information. Before I get into the car I see the paused icon in the notification area and the current podcast is clearly paused.

    If you guys could help me out it would be great. Overall, I have been impressed and love the numerous customizations possible with BP.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    BeyondPod just responds to the "button presses" that it sees (which is how Bluetooth commands appear to it). It sounds as though your particular car audio may be sending a Skip to Next command (or something that Android is interpreting as Skip to Next) before sending the Play or Play/Pause command.

    You should be able to see what gets sent by looking at the Android log immediately after you get into the car (I suggest you do this when you're not about to drive it somewhere!!). To see the log, use Menu | More... | Settings | Menu (again) | View logs | Android log.

    My guess is that your car audio will have some way to change / configure what it sends when it detects a connection, but you'll need to contact them for how to do that.


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