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Thread: Download over LTE Just This Once

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    Download over LTE Just This Once

    I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I couldn't find it here so I thought I'd post anyway:

    I've set up BeyondPod to only download over WiFi. Sometimes, however, I only have LTE available when I spot a new episode of something I'd like to download and listen to.

    First, I wish BP were quicker to realize that whoops, there's no WiFi and it can't download anything. I have to sit through a lonnnnng timeout before I can continue.

    But really, I'd like BP to ask me if I'd like to override "WiFi only" and perform this specific download over LTE just this once. At that moment, I value a new episode of my favorite podcast to listen to during my commute back home than the 20 megabytes of mobile broadband it's going to cost me.

    I encounter this sort of situation so often that I keep a second podcast manager on my phone just for this purpose. When BP fails, I switch to DoubleTwist and download it manually...I've set that app up to allow mobile downloads.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    I'm not sure how you're initiating this, but if you're on cellular data, and you tap the icon to download an episode, BP already does ask if you want override setting and download anyway.


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