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Thread: Feeds controlled by publishers or BP?

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    Feeds controlled by publishers or BP?

    I noticed today that a daily program I listen to hasn't added a new podcast to my feed in a couple of days. Refreshing the feed doesn't seem to help and looking at the shows web page they seem to be operating normally.

    So it got me wondering. Who controls what show up in my feeds? I assume it's the content producer but in an instance like this, where content seems to be coming out but I'm not getting it through BP, what's likely going on?


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    The publisher controls what's in the RSS feed. I have been burned several times by feeds moving from one CDN (content distribution network) to another, and the old one is just left to rot. Report such things here, so the BP team can update the search database.

    Double-check that the RSS feed that's on their webpage is the same one that you're using with BP. On the desktop browser, point the mouse at the RSS link, and the URL should display somewhere, compare this with the Feed Address listed when you tap "Edit Feed". On some sites you'll need to drill down to get the "real" RSS feed URL.

    I've found that Firefox has a good RSS display style; I'd suggest that (unless you like reading bloated XML) you look at that same URL with Firefox and compare the episodes listed there with what BP shows you. Chrome formats the XML for you, but doesn't interpret it.

    Good luck!


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    As Dennis says, the easiest way to check what's in an RSS feed is just to look at it with a browser.

    If you don't use Firefox, a lot of it can look like really wordy gobbledegook, but even then it's usually fairly easy to spot an episode title (in most feeds, the most recent one will be near the top), and easy enough to use Ctrl-F to search in page for the last title you can see in your feed, and then another to search for the tag that it's enclosed in (usually a title tag to see if there are any more recent ones, e.g. <title>Mobile Nations 22: State of the mobile</title>).

    The other thing to check is to make sure that your feed settings are set to download new episodes (e.g. you haven't accidentally set it to Ignore Episodes, for instance).


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