Couple of weeks ago I raised a forum article about BP not stopping when headphones are disconnected - have tracked that down to an option in the settings for that very feature which somehow became "unticked". I hadn't changed anything, I hadn't accessed the settings in ages as everything was running smoothly and hadn't needed to fiddle with anything in months.

That was easily fixed and - tho annoying - not that much of a problem. Just frustrating - especially when in the office and it started blaring out loudly through the phones speaker!

Now - I've discovered other settings have also changed without me touching them - and one of those was the "download only on wifi" option. Didn't spot that had changed - and the outcome is that BP has spent the past two weeks downloading over the mobile connection! My phone is PAYG (I don't use it as a phone enough to make it worth having a contract) and I had 80+ credit two weeks ago, last night I got a message telling me I had no credit left. Checking the data usage shows 95%+ of it was BP - so, because the settings got messed up (again) I'm significantly out of pocket!!

The solution - I've turned off all mobile data services on the phone (after topping it up) - and I'm back using my old iPod classic again. It's a nuisance having to download and sync every night, but until I can guarantee BP won't start downloading over the mobile connection again it's staying disabled! It also solves the loudspeaker playback issue - it doesn't have a speaker!

Has anyone else seen this? Or is it just me?? Have been using BP for ages with no problem, and have even paid for it which shows you how much I like the app - it's just that 2 or 3 weeks ago something changed, and it's now cost me a lot of money.