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Thread: Daylight Savings Time

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    Daylight Savings Time

    I just noticed that my updates are now occurring one hour later than I had set.
    My settings originally specified: start at 12:01 AM, update every 4 hours.
    Now they are set to start at 1:01 AM.
    I know I didn't (deliberately) change the setting. So I'm assuming that when the phone automatically went to DST (daylight savings time), BeyondPod performed an internal update. Oh no, that's not what happened ... BP must have stored my original setting as UT (universal or GMT) and has no DST flag.

    44 years after the Unix "epoch" and we still have trouble with time zones and DST.

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    That hasn't happened to me, but in a perhaps related issue, I recently took a vacation to an adjacent timezone, and my updates happened at the same UT time, that is, an hour earlier according to local clock time. I'm not even sure that I can call this wrong...

    I had thought the Android had no such problems, since it's Linux underneath. Does Windoze still keep the system clock on local time?

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    @dr_glenn Where in the world are you? I have a suspicion that this might be some sort of discrepancy between US daylight saving time (which started a few weeks ago), and the equivalent in other parts of the world.

    e.g. We've just switched to BST in the UK, and my update this morning seems to have happened at the expected time.

    Having said that, I can think of no reason why a scheduled update should be looking at anything other than the device's local time.


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