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Thread: "Replay on Resume" has stopped working

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    BeyondPod Team
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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    OK, so we're going to need to capture a log to try to work out why it's not happening then. Next time it happens (at a convenient time), could you please immediately go to Settings in BeyondPod to capture a log (it needs to be straight away, partly to make it easy to find the relevant part of the log, and partly because all processes on the device share the same logs - even though each app can only see its own entries - so entries can easily get overwritten, even if you're not using BP at all in the intervening time).

    To get the log: Menu | More... | Settings | Menu (again) | View logs | Android log. Once the log is open, tap Menu again and choose email Support. In the email, please describe the problem we're looking for. It's also helpful to copy and paste the information from the Environment Log (on the same menu) if you can. Finally, include either a link to this thread, or the thread name and your forum name, so the two can be linked together.


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    I emailed this information a while back and never got a response. Did you ever receive it?

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    Yes, we did receive the log - thank you.

    The events in the log appear in a way as if replay on resume is not enabled, Assuming that it was set correctly, it is most likely an issue of certain player events we are using appear in a different order then we expect. This occasionally can happen when devices get upgraded to new Android versions as different manufacturers have slightly different player implementations.
    We are working on a better way to handle this (it is a bit tricky as some is device specific). Once we have a solution it will be available in one of the the beta version s we release.

    Your log file was a big help as at least captured the state this occurs and gets us enough data to move further.


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