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Thread: Odd Playlist Behavior?

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    Odd Playlist Behavior?

    I can't understand function of Playlist. I selected a feed and it seems all the episodes of the feed were added to the playlist. Then I "Cleared Playlist" and there's always one episode left (and I'm assuming I don't want to select it and select "Delete" because this would delete the actual file)/

    What I'd like to do is just manually browse and select an episode to play, one-by-one, from different feeds as the mood strikes me (i.e., not build any Playlist at all). I'm guessing, though, the playlist is a baked-in function of the player. Can someone suggest how I could most closely get the simple sort of playback I'm looking for?

    Thx, Jon

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    To get the fuctionality you want, go to the Playlist and Widget settings (Menu | More... | Settings | Playslist and Widget Settings).

    Untick Keep current episode, and untick Automatic Playlist.

    Note that even with Keep current episode unticked, if an episode is actually playing when you clear the playlist, it won't be removed from the playlist.


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