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Thread: Minor issues

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    Minor issues

    In general, I find the new interface very nice. There are a couple of things that I feel could be improved, though.

    Going to Help loads an almost entirely empty activity (in addition to the web browser). So leaving the web browser by going Back leaves one in BeyondPod, but in an activity with an Action Bar and a big white space.

    Also, I'm finding that a lot of the overflow menus don't contain things that I would expect to be there. In particular, when I'm inside a feed, the overflow menu doesn't have Edit Feed. It seems I have to go back out a level to find the feed in a different list, and then edit it *there* instead of editing it when I have it open already. The Show Notes screen should have an option for Delete (if it's downloaded) or Download (if it's not). Otherwise, for a lot of episodes, I have to go to the show notes to see which is which, then jump back out before I can actually act on the episode. And finally, when showing the Playlist for a SmartPlay, I can never predict which items are in the overflow menu in the action bar ("Clear Playlist", "Search", "Play Videos as Audio") and which are in the overflow menu just below that, next to SmartPlay ("Update", "Edit"). I'm sure there's some sort of logic to the split (and maybe if I used playlists other than the SmartPlay list I'd understand more), but for my purposes, the SmartPlay header could be eliminated and all the items merged together. Maybe all of this is just something to get used to, but I find myself consistently reaching for actions that aren't there, but are somewhere else instead, and I take that as a hint that their current locations aren't intuitive.

    I'm still getting used to Car Mode. So far, I'm finding it harder to use (since the transport buttons are so much smaller than on the old style player screen, particularly in landscape mode), but I'm reserving judgment to see whether I get used to it.

    The Cast button seems to be on all the time, instead of hiding itself when a Chromecast isn't available. If that were hidden when appropriate, you'd have room for a Playlist button. I know that there was initially a hint saying it would slide out from the side, but it wasn't until reading about it in the forum that I realized that that was true for the player screen as well. A dedicated button for that would be far more useful for me than the Share button, although that may just be my own use case.

    On the whole, I'm really liking the design, I'm just thinking a few things could make it a lot nicer.

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    Thank you very much for you feedback.

    As far as Help opening an empty activity - Where do you open the Help page from? I can't seem to replicate that - tap on the Help (below Settings) in the left drawer opens the help in BP activity and no web browser window ever opens. Are you getting the help from some other place? (It could be something with the way your device is set - what device are you using?)

    We had a couple of people saying that they miss the "Edit Feed" from the main menu. Current design keeps the feed/category management directly on the left nav drawer (which keeps the overflow menu simpler).
    Is there any reason you need to edit feeds often? Is this need related to including/excluding the feed from SmartPlay rules?

    As far as being able to download from "Show Notes" - this is a very good observation - it will probably come in one of the next betas (once we get a bit more feedback)

    The SmartPlay section of the playlist is not quite finished yet (what you see now is just temporary "hack" to access it).
    We are working on adding support for multiple smart plays so that part of the UI will change as we work on it (... I also get confused between the 2 overflow menus, so this will go away).

    Car Mode is also in its very first design iteration - we are trying to decide how useful is and what parts of it can be improved - any suggestions are welcome.

    As far as the playlist and the full screen player - it was not only you we found that it is not very obvious. Latest beta (4.0.13) has the playlist button on the full screen player and CC button now hides (instead of being disabled).


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    For the help issue, it may well be because I'm using Link Bubble as my default browser (Nexus 5). I figured if it was even calling an external browser it wouldn't matter which one I was using, but I should have included that information too. I did open Help by following the link under Settings in the hamburger menu. If it is Link Bubble, then it may not be worth pursuing, since that's sort of a fringe case.

    For editing the feed, I think the main reason that I need it is adding and removing it from SmartPlay, but also changing miscellaneous settings like per feed volume (as the speakers for feeds get different audio equipment, and I mess with those settings to compensate). Mostly it's not that I'm editing feeds often, but that every time I do so, I have to remember that it's not where I expect it to be, and it creates a mental hiccup.

    I'll continue to use Car Mode. I'm getting slightly more comfortable with it, but still a little awkward. One thing I didn't mention before, because it felt like it may just be me, but my combination of phone, case, and car mount makes hitting the buttons at the very bottom of the screen (when in landscape mode) a little inconvenient. If they were a little bit higher (or a little taller), they'd be a whole lot easier to hit. But again, that may be more a function of my own combination of factors, and may not actually affect anyone else.

    Again, I really like the overall changes. Thanks for all the work on this!

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