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Thread: BeyondPod and Android audio in general

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    BeyondPod and Android audio in general

    I use BeyondPod for podcasts and other audio apps as well (such as Audible) for playback in the car. I have searched online before asking this question but haven't been able to find anything.

    Are there rule(s) on Android that determine how the device resumes playback on Bluetooth? I have used my device (Nexus 5) with two different Bluetooth-capable cars and the results seem essentially random.

    - Sometimes I get in my car and playback of the last app I was listening to resumes automatically.
    - Sometimes I get in my car and the radio displays information from the last app I was listening to but doesn't start playing.
    - Sometimes the play button on the car controls will start the program in this circumstance and sometimes it won't.
    - Sometimes the play button on the car controls will start playback, but from a different app than the one for which the radio was displaying information.
    - Sometimes I get in my car and playback resumes automatically but from an app other than the one to which I was last using.
    - I thought perhaps the behavior might be the audio app getting swapped out of memory, but I've had situations where the app doesn't start playback and I ignore it and drive to the gas station. I shut the car off, pump gas (without touching the phone) and then playback resumes automatically when I get back in the car.

    If there is a discernible pattern in all of this I certainly can't find it. I would blame the car but the phone acts the same in two cars, and it seems unlikely that the car could/would tell the phone to switch to a different app. Ideally I would like the phone to just know what was playing last and reliably start the playback once it sees Bluetooth. Is there some sort of app that can offer better control of this?

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    The simple answer is that there is no fixed logic for this, and this is not car related. Generally, it should be the last app used, but as you found, this is not always the case. The way it works internally is that Bluetooth commands (buttons presses) are sent to the app by Android and whichever app Android happens to send them to responds. Because there can be multiple apps that want to respond and all of them have the same "right" to respond things get a bit unpredictable. The car radio shows the data displayed by the last app that was playing so that has no impact on what app will receive the commands.

    If you happen to have a rooted device, many ROMs have a way to set what app will get the bluetooth controls. I am not sure why Android does not have this in the standard ROMS but it would certainly make things simpler.

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