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Thread: Smartlplay does not update on all podcasts and plays in strange orders.

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    Smartlplay does not update on all podcasts and plays in strange orders.

    I have a couple of questions - the first is that smartplay seems to play the new episodes that have been downloaded even if it was in the middle of an episode when I was listening to it previously although it does play individual feeds in the correct order. For example - if I was in the middle of listening to podcast 1 episode 1, I pause playback, go to bed, it downloads podcast 2 and podcast1,episode 2 - the next time i start smartplay it will start off with podcast2 then go back to podcast1,ep1 followed by podcast1,ep2. Is there an option to get smartplay to continue where you left off and then pick the next oldest episode from a podcast? -
    Auto rebuild smartplay, Keep current episode, remove played are checked..

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    The second issue is that not all my unheard podcasts are making it to the smartplay feed. All of my feeds are listed in the Andy category but for some reason some feeds don't make it through. The screenshot shows my current status but I'm not sure why RunasRadio does not have 2 podcasts ready to listen to for example or Technorama have 13 unread but none in the smartplay. If I click the RunasRadio I have one episode ready that was available May 28 and another that has redownload showing for Mar 4. Technorama setting is set to download latest 3 episodes and keep 5.

    Configure Smartplay is set to start with Oldest 20 episodes of category Andy

    I'm running 3.3.68

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    For some reason attachments you posted don't open so I can't see exactly the state you are in, but currently SmartPlay always rebuilds the entire playlist - it clears the current playlist and replaces it with a new one based on the what episodes match the rules. Keep in mind that SmartPlay includes only episodes that were downloaded so an episode must be in the "My Episodes" list in order to be picked up.


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    Thanks for the information on rebuilding Smartplay - I wasn't aware that was the case. As to the technorama feed, I went into the podcast and cleared the download history for this feed and also set it to keep 2 episodes rather than 3. After doing this, it immediately began to download the 2 most recent podcasts so I think it was the download history that had got corrupt.

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