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Thread: How do I make and name a playlist?

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    How do I make and name a playlist?

    I want to make a playlist based on the show I listen to. For example, I want one playlist called Adam Carolla and another called Wait Wait.
    Can I save the feeds into separate playlist. I am confused.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    One answer is that you don't really need to. Just tap on the big number on the right of the feed name, and the Episode view showing local (downloaded) episodes will open up for that feed. By default, in this view, they're sorted chronologically, but you can change that if you want to. If you have Automatic Play switched on in the Playlist settings (which is the default), all you have to do is play the first one, and the others will follow.

    You can make this work for multiple feeds by assigning your feeds to a category, in which case, you can view all the local feeds in a category, and play them the same way, by picking that category from the drop down menu in the Episodes tab.

    In BeyondPod 4.x it will be possible to construct and name multiple complex playlists (Play 2 from Category A, then 3 from feed X, then ..., etc.), but for the scenario you're describing, that's probably overkill for what you need.


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    Thanks for the response. That makes sense now. I am trying to get used to a different way to download and listen to podcast since dumping the iPhone and iTunes

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