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Thread: My opinion of the new version

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    My opinion of the new version


    Have you updated update smartplay listed on to support choosing which smartplay to be updated/played?

    I use Automagic to control the updating on my cell to prevent Beyondpod from killing my battery w/ updating.

    Overall still love the app, BUT I HATE THE NEW INTERFACE!!!!

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    Thanks for the feedback,

    The doc is not yet updated but you can specify the playlist to be updated or played by adding "smartplay" string extra to the intent with the name of the smartplay you want to update or play.
    As far as the user interface - give it some time - it takes a bit of getting used to.

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    I just updated to 4.0.19 myself and the new interface isn't appealing by default. Is there any way to restore the subfolders by podcast (rather than mixing all the content by category?) or better yet, the old interface? That was a very useful feature and the absence annoying. Also, why on earth change the play progress bar color? These sorts of changes seem arbitrary and disrespectful of the existing user base. Not that one color or another makes any difference beyond personal aesthetics, but why? I'm sure there will be more arbitrary and annoying changes to be discovered, but is it possible to restore the more compact list layout? The additional white space doesn't improve legibility or usability, any aesthetic improvement is subjective, and it reduces the available information at a glance thus reducing efficiency.

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    I'm on the latest Beta and I'm very happy with it. I've been using beyond pod for over 2 years and I love it. Sorry it took me 2 years to let you know.

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    Just killed key and tablet. Kept coming on ALL THE TIME ! I was talking with my family and on it came. The thing is OUT OF CONTROL ! I've loved it and used it for as long as I've had my tablet ( over 2 years). Won't put it back until it has manners!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatGrandYaYa View Post
    Just killed key and tablet. Kept coming on ALL THE TIME ! I was talking with my family and on it came.
    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Could you please elaborate on what was happening, what device and Android version you have, etc.
    AFAIK, nobody else has reported this behaviour, so to be able to fix it, we'll either need to get some logs from your machine, or to be able to reproduce it ourselves.


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    I only have 2 tablets and 1 cellphone. Using Samsung galaxy tab2 10.1. No other computers. I think it's a 4.0.4. I love beyond podcast, hated to getting rid of it, but saw nothing that even remotely sounds like my problem. You can dissect my tab all you want, just talk me thru it. As I'm aging I would have it that everything remains EASY. Tried helping out with Beta, but it used up too much memory. What's the next step?

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