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Thread: REMOVE play controls from lock screen

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    REMOVE play controls from lock screen

    I've seen a few posts asking how to put the play controls ONTO the lock screen, but I want to get rid of the bloody things. This might be an Android thing rather than a BeyondPod thing per se, dunno..?

    Anyway, LG Nexus 5; Android version 4.4.4; BeyondPod "EVO" version 4.0.16.

    Basically I don't want any user-input controls on my lock screen bar the UI to unlock it.

    I've googled extensively, but everyone seems to want to add them, not remove them.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers (and apologies if this has been asked/answered before: I simply didn't find it if so).


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    Yeah, I also would love to remove the lockscreen controls entirely. My guess is that it can't be done without sacrificing some other functionality, because Android has been getting stupidly finicky about things like that in the last few versions. I know that with dbPowerAmp, they say that the headphone/bluetooth control function is tied to the lockscreen controls, meaning that if you don't register as a headphone-controlled service, you can't register as a lockscreen control service (which is stupid, of course, because those are two very different functions that you may use in two different contexts). I'm not sure if the inverse is true, where by registering for headphone controls, you must register for lockscreen controls.

    That said, if you are willing to give up headphone controls and Stefan et. al are willing to add the ability to do so to BeyondPod, that should solve your problem (but not mine, which is that I'd like to be able to turn off lockscreen controls but leave bluetooth controls intact).

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    If your goal is to just not have controls on your lock screen, one (indirect) way to remove lock screen controls is to add the BeyondPod Lock screen widget (which will turn off the lock screen controls).
    Because you can have multiple lock screen pages, you can add it to one of the pages that is not visible when you unlock the device.
    I tried it and if you add it to the page to left of the clock, when you unlock the phone it will show the default clock and unlock ring (you can swipe left to get to the widget or right to get to the camera).

    If you have not used lock screen widgets, here is a link to how to enable them:

    Just keep in mind that as PaulG mentioned if you do that you will not be able to control BeyondPod over Bluetooth (the sound will work but not play/pause commands from the bluetooth device).

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