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Thread: How do I submit my podcast to beyond Pod?

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    Apr 2015
    Hi, I would like to submit our podcast CarlandMike to Beyond Pod -- our iTunes URL is:

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    Please Can I get my podcast listed? The iTunes url is:

    Tks a lot

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    Hey please add our podcast! I know this thread is older than me in internet years.

    but our iTunes link is

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    Hi, could you please add my podcast!. The iTunes link is:
    Thanks! / Karin

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    Hi, will you please add our podcast? The iTunes URL is

    Thank you.


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    Can you please add my podcast as well?

    If I search for the exact name of the podcast, it comes up. But it doesn't come up when I search for "Rainbow Brite," which it should. It also shows no description when it is found through direct search. Will this be resolved when you add it to your database? Thank you.

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    Hello. Please add my podcast. Thanks!! The iTunes URL is:

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    Wattup, got another pod i wanna submit.


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    I would like to add our podcast to your platform.
    iTunes link:

    Best regards

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