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Thread: feature request: volume normalization

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    feature request: volume normalization

    Many podcast recorders don't normalize their volumes before publishing. This results in podcasts with peaks and valleys in their volume... one minute, you're turning up the volume to hear a soft spoken guest, the next minute, you're turning it back down as the host's laughter shakes the phone off the table. An option to preprocess the volume and restrict it to a certain range would be great.

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    I agree that this would be an awesome feature and would love it, but I suspect that to make an on-the-fly (or pre processing) normalization or dynamic compression would make the power consumption skyrocket.

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    So make it optional. I keep my tablet plugged in all day while I play BP, so battery drain would never be a problem. However, when I'm using BP on my phone while riding my bike, I'd want to turn the feature off to save battery.

    There are ROMs with DSPs built in that will do this for any app outputting audio on a device, but not every device has this option, and not everyone wants to install a ROM to get this feature.

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    +1 to this. Would make going through a playlist a much easier process, without having to pull up the phone and change the volume.

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    It's something we've looked into in the past. Unfortunately, it's non-trivial.

    There was some hope that it would be built in to Android at one point, but that never materialised.

    If anybody is aware of an app that does this whose developer may be interested in partnering with BeyondPod to implement it, please let us know.


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    I know that there are plenty of plug-ins in the audio recording world that would let you do what you need. Many of the with creative Commons licenses. There already is DSP running in the background on Android (cyanogenmod hooks into this and adds to it) power amp has a music player that has some decent options built in. You really just need a slow response compressor to run it. Any modern, colorless (not adding colour to the sound as an effect) compressors that are efficient should have 0 issues running in real time.

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    We have been looking for a person with experience in this area for quite some time. If you have experience with audio processing on Android (or know somebody that has) we would like to talk to you.

    There are many interesting audio processing "tricks" that we would like to add (like automatic playback speed, pause compression, etc.) but they are currently outside of our expertise.

    In my limited exposure to this (as part of working with variable the playback speed) those are all tricky things to get right - especially to work consistently across different Android devices.


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    A quick search of the Play Store finds these apps can do normalization, and many other audio tricks:

    Neutron Music Player
    n7player Music Player
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    Source code available for excellent compressor:
    Hope that helps,
    [Nexus 5 running Lollipop 5.1 on T-Mobile USA]

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