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Thread: Lyrics support

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    Lyrics support

    I would like BP to have lyrics support for its audio files.

    While lyrics are great for music, they are also a welcome addition to podcasts. For instance, I downloaded a bunch of podcasts from that come with the full transcript of the show (that's to say, quite a text!)

    So, there are synchronised and unsynchronised lyrics. Synchronised ones have timestamps for every line (sometimes for every word, but that's quite rare) and are usually stored in external .lrc files (sometimes in the file itself).

    Unsynchronised lyrics are either .txt files or are stored in the audio tag in the file.

    There is no naming universal convention for the external files (neither for the tags actually), but most software recognize the "lyrics" or "unsynchronized lyrics" audio tag and files that are named like this:
    either the same name as the audio file, but extension is (lrc|txt)
    or formats like %artist% - %title%.(lrc|txt) (preferably configurable).

    So, please add lyrics support to the to do list.

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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),

    As with all feature requests, we try to prioritise those things that will be beneficial for the majority of users.
    I haven't come across anybody else who's requested this, but if there's enough interest, it will certainly be considered.

    Alternatively, if somebody is interested in writing a plugin to do it, please get in touch.


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    I am interested in this as well. There are kids who would love singing with lyrics. While most adults find it unnecessary, I am sure there are also a few who might like it.

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