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Thread: Podcast Download Folder reset with new beta

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    Podcast Download Folder reset with new beta

    First, the whats:
    - BP Evo 4.0.16 upgraded to 4.0.19
    -- Installed to external SD card via OS Application move option.
    - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile SM-N900T)
    -- Android 4.4.2
    -- Kernel 3.4.0-1966668
    -- NOT rooted.
    - Storage:
    -- Device 32GB, with 26GB of that as the "internal SD", with 5.7GB free.
    -- Added 16GB mSD, 14.83GB formatted, 4.17GB free.

    What's Wrong?
    - Podcast download directory reset from alternate to default location with upgrade from BPE 4.0.16b to 4.0.19b.

    Now, What Happened (chain of events):
    - Default storage down to 165MB, with 5.07GB in BP-managed podcast files.
    - In BP 4.0.16, moved content from default /storage/emulated/0/BeyondPod/Podcasts to /mnt/extSdCard (both default settings so far as I can tell?) using the BP 'Move' options under Podcast Download Folder settings.
    - Default storage now up to 5+GB free. Whee!
    -- I did not verify the move, meaning I saw the space was now free, but I could not tell you if BP4.0.16 now reflected the new download location. I assumed it did and moved on. Sorry about that.
    - Started playing locally-downloaded podcast already in progress.
    -- I say "locally-downloaded", but I could not swear to you that is was then the local copy. I assumed the successful move meant I was playing the local download, but now from the alternate location. After all, the internal free had gone from 165MB to 5+GB.
    - I downloaded the BPE 4.0.19b APK from the site and installed on the spot.
    - Fired up BPE 4.0.19b and resumed same already-in-progress podcast, but could not adjust playback speed because it was now a stream!
    - Checked Podcast Download Folder and found it back at /storage/emulated/0/BeyondPod/Podcasts.
    - Via the USB hookup I can see the files I moved under 4.0.16b in \ScotHarkinsSGNote3\Card\Android\data\mobi.beyondp od\files\BeyondPod\Podcasts, as well as a few new downloads to internal in \ScotHarkinsSGNote3\Phone\BeyondPod\Podcasts.
    - All directories are dated today, 22 Aug 2014, matching the times when I moved content under 4.0.16b and later to internal under 4.0.19b.

    I'm not concerned about already-downloaded content, so I have just now re-executed the move option, which overwrote the 5+GB of previously-downloaded podcasts, replacing it with 208MB. The Podcast Download Folder settings shows the correct "new" home, /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod/Podcasts. Now again playing in-progress, locally-downloaded podcast with speed set to 1.2, so it's not a that part worked.

    Let me know if you want me to try any steps to replicate. I'm game to wipe the content, set back to internal, downgrade to 4.0.16b, and replicate steps if desired...this time watching as I go...or you add a test case for 4.0.20 to test for preservation of Podcast Download Folder.

    Scot Harkins
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