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Thread: Menu bar disappears when playlist finishes

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    Menu bar disappears when playlist finishes

    I've been experiencing this bug for a few weeks, and for the past few days I've been paying very close attention as individual episodes and my entire playlist finishes playing. Regardless of what podcast I'm listening to, or what screen (or even app) is active when the episode finishes, I always end up seeing the episode list without the universal header/menu bar at the top of the screen.

    If the podcast that last finished playing has more episodes downloaded, I can just tap to play or add to my playlist and the menu bar returns. Eventually I figured out that I can also swipe from the left and right edge of the screen to move around a bit, which lets me add something to the playlist and bring the menu bar back even if the last podcast has no more episodes.

    I've attached an example of what I mean by "menu/header bar disappearing." I'm running 4.0.19 on an HTC One from Sprint (m7).


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    Thanks for reporting that.

    I was able to replicate this bug - thanks for the investigation you did - it pointed me in the right direction.
    As you discovered, the issue occurs when the last episode finishes playing and the playlist becomes empty - this closes the player but in some cases (for example when the main screen is not active) "forgets" to show the action bar.

    The fix for this will be in the next beta.


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