After accidentally deleting my backups and a softbrick which I only could solve with a cklean reinstall I really miss the old 3.X versiopn of Beyondpod Tablet (Beta).
Can someone please give me a working link to the newest 3.X version?
It worked really well and I really would like to stay on that version because I'ts perfect for my my preferences.
I'm really not sure when the tablet version ended but it's probably something like 30.65.1 or higher.
I've found this thread http://www.beyondpod.com/forum/showt...5-blank-screen with this link http://www.beyondpod.mobi/Android/BE...px?v= but the linked app is not avaible anymore and I can't find it anymore else.

As a long time Beyondpod user I would really appreciate your help!

I'm gonna switch to 4.X sooner or later but now I want to use 3.X tablet version on my Note 2 which I prefer more than 4.X.