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Thread: Automated backup

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    Automated backup

    Is there anyway I can do an automated daily back-up of my Beyondpod config/feeds?

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    There is an automatic backup to the SD card every time you add or remove a feed. Automatic Backup files are stored in <SD card location>/BeyondPod/ and have an extension .autobak.
    You can copy those as often as you need off the device. When BP starts for the first time it looks for those files in the default (internal) SD card and if it finds them - restores what was backed up at that time.

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    I used Dropbox and Dropsync to achieve an automated, continuous backup solution for my BeyondPod configuration. I figure I would post my solution here, as it took a little work to figure out a system, hopefully I can save everyone else some trouble. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S5, but I don't know how much that may matter.

    1. Install and configure Dropbox. This was pre-installed on my phone
    2. Install Dropsync. This was available in the Google Play store, I bought the Pro version because it's really an excellent app, but you can continue with the normal free version as well.
    3. Configure Dropsync to connect to your Dropbox account.
    4. Map the BeyondPod directory on your device to a new BeyondPod directory in Dropbox. Dropsync should just walk you through this, it was pretty simple.
    5. Choose Upload Mirror for the sync type. This will let you do a one-way upload from your device to the Dropbox version.
    6. Uncheck the Sync Enabled checkbox, for now. We'll enable this in a moment.
    7. Under the Dropsync Settings, choose the Exclude Name Patterns option.
    8. Add these 2 patterns: **/Podcasts, **/RSSCache
    9. Steps 7 and 8 here are optional, but what it does is ignores the actual Podcast files themselves (.mp3 or whatever) and the RSS cache data (which BeyondPod uses internally to manage things). These will just hog bandwidth, and you don't need to keep them synced.
    10. Choose Synced Folders from the Settings menu.
    11. Enable the configured BeyondPod folder.
    12. Force a manual refresh. This should be pretty quick, since you're only syncing up the configuration and not the actual content (thanks to the Exclude Name Patterns).
    13. Double check the Dropbox BeyondPod folder on a computer or another device to ensure you have the backups.
    14. That's it, you're backed up.

    By doing this, your .autobak files should be continuously synced up (1 hour is the default on Dropsync, it's configurable as well, so you could choose 24 hours), and any manual backups you choose to take should also be updated to your Dropbox account, in case you need to revert beyond the .autobak configuration.

    Setting up a new or factory reset device would amount to following those same steps above to configure the device, but choosing the Download Mirror type, to pull down the remote configuration, checking that BeyondPod starts up and loaded it correctly, and then you can switch back the sync type to Upload Mirror again.

    Let me know if anyone tries this and finds an error in the steps.

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