II'm a long time user.

1: In the "Category Episodes"screen, if I tap on literally any episode to play it direct from this screen, I always get a message box titled "Media Type Not Supported". The dialogue in the box reads - "You can try opening selected item in an external application. Tap continue and BeyondPod will find any installed applications that may display this content type" ......etc.
However this is patently 'untrue' as all these episodes are .mp3s, and play pefectly well as part of the SmartPlay playlist.
In other words - I can ONLY play episodes if they are part of a SmartPlay playlist!

2: For no apparent reason, the "tick" in the "Update on Schedule" checkbox in my 'Automatic Updates' settings periodically UN-ticks itself, resulting in none of my feeds being updated.
This happens on a fairly regular basis.
I only notice when my SmartPlay playlist has run out of episodes to play.
Then, when I check to see what the problem is, I find that none of my feeds have been updated and this has been the cause of the problem!
I can't see how this can happen "accidentally"!

Both these issues are annoying me now!
Anyone got any thoughts on these?