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Thread: Download of Chrome Extension?

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    Just tried installing, Chrome won't let me. Did find the Beyond Pod ext on the Chrome Store, says not compatible.
    Wish it was a Firefox extension, not so much grief!

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    When Chrome doesn't let you install, a yellow bar appears at the top of the browser, with a "learn more" link to this page:

    Granted, they don't exactly tell you how to do it, but it turns out to be easy: open the extensions page (by navigating to chrome://extensions/ or by using the menu, under "tools") and then drag-and-drop the crx file from your file manager onto the page.

    The BeyondPod app opened for me the first time I tried it, but I couldn't interact with it. I restarted Chrome and it worked fine.

    The Chrome extension just runs the Android version using the Android runtime under Chrome, which can't be done with Firefox, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StefanK View Post
    Not sure why is it not working, but here is a direct link:
    I noticed that you uploaded a new build to the Chrome Web Store (4.1.32). Could you please post a direct link again? Thanks.

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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    It'll almost certainly be the same as the link as above, but with the version number updated, i.e.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juwlz View Post
    It'll almost certainly be the same as the link as above, but with the version number updated, i.e.
    I actually already tried that and the updated extension hasn't been placed in that directory. The directory itself is exposed to the public and the original file is the only copy in the directory.

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    Bumping the thread.

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    Unfortunately, there is no good way to create CRX anymore. It was possible before as we had access to pre-release version of Google tools that supported creation of CRX. Their final tool "Arc Welder" allows packaging only for Chrome Web Store, and limits the generated extension to work only on Chromebooks. You can find more information here: (!se...M/fnWWUOsOTQUJ).

    If you are eager to get it working on Mac or Windows, you can try building your own extension by using Google's Arc Welder tool. The process is quite simple and described here: . When building BeyondPod extension, as the APK, use a Chrome optimized version of BeyondPod available here:

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    Thank you for the update and the explanation. I'm unable to get this version to work, but that could be for a number of reasons. Would you be willing to provide a similar .arc file for future updates to this extension? I'd like to continue testing this version of BeyondPod.

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    4.1.39 Doesn't Load

    I recently installed version 4.1.39 on a Chromium OS bootable USB installation and it just hangs after the window pops up (showing just the BeyondPod logo). Is anyone else having issues with it starting up? Is there any information that I could provide which would help diagnose the issue? Please give me instructions on how to get this information.

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    I really love to get this working in chromes on windows. i been able to get the old version to install but it doesnt get pass the logo.

    Like the poster above me i cannot get that new version to work at all. It installs but gives me a crash type screen in chrome.

    I really just want a way to play my playlist on my PC. Pocket cast just added this feature. They charge $9 for this web player, I would be more than happy to pay that to get the same feature!

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