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Thread: 2 Things I'd like to see for 4.1

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    2 Things I'd like to see for 4.1

    Wow, so many dramatic posts here. I'm sorry to the BP team for all the immature responses to the new update. Of course it will be a work in progress, but everyone should know by now that the BP team DOES listen to its user base and always has, which is how it got to be such a great app in the first place. I'll never understand why people have to be so severe with every single opinion that they have.

    I see that night mode is planned for a future release, so I only have 2 requests:

    1. I loved my little trash can icon. I think it's better than hiding it behind a menu button because of accessibility (which seems to be the biggest issue users have with the new UI). I'd like to see it in the episode list and in the episode description screen (which has a ton of room for functions that seem like they should be included, like mark as favorite, mark as read, etc.).

    2. I'd like to see the episode list tightened up, or give the user the option to tighten it up. The descriptions and extra white space make it more of a chore to navigate through long lists. Check out episodes loaded from a folder, it's nearly all blank space!

    Apart from that, I think I'm pretty much good with the new update. Thank again for the great app and support!

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    I would like to add to that a night/dark colour scheme and a fast way to view the number of unread/downloaded episodes in a feed. Perhaps putting it next to the feed name in the left drawer (since that seems to be where I spend all of my time.)

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