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Thread: BP 4.0 randomly resumes after pause

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    BP 4.0 randomly resumes after pause

    I'm making peace with the new upgrade and even though there are still minor annoyances, overall it's working for me. I have come across one annoying bug that I never experienced with 3.x. I primarily listen via bluetooth while charging my phone in the car. I have the options set to auto-pause on headset disconnect, power disconnect and notification. Ideally I'd like it to pause when I turn the car off (bluetooth disconnect) or unplug the power cable. This usually works as advertised, but it will sometimes restart playback at an unknown point in the future. I'll have my speaker volume down and my phone in my pocket, so I usually won't notice it until I check my phone much later and find that it has played (and deleted) several episodes in my SmartPlay list. Unfortunately I haven't yet noticed a common factor as to when this occurs. Has anyone else experience this?

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    I have experienced this with BP 4.0. I usually notice because it's on speaker. Really annoying, even dangerous in the car.
    But sometimes I have the phone silenced and I've certainly lost some episode listening time and battery.

    Have some other issues (skipping to the next episode, probably bluetooth related). So I've enabled detailed logging and hope to catch this in a log when it next happens.

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    I am now having the "randomly resumes after pause" issue as well.

    BP v4.0.32
    Google Nexus 4
    Android 5.0

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    THis one has happened to me plenty of times too, I'll get a call in my car and answer it and the phone will keep playing the podcast but over the phone speaker instead too. I think they are the same bug, but I've had both.
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    If it randomly resumes, then something must trigger it - most probably some audio event like a Bluetooth command or headset command. When this happens, can you please try to capture the Android log (Menu > Settings > View Logs > View Android Log) and send it to support. Hopefully it should have a capture of what triggered the resume.

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