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Thread: New user question

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    New user question

    As a new forum member I get to ask the dumb questions of the day that has probably already been addressed many times before. In my defense I did try to find a similar problem posted on here and couldn't . That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

    Every time I get into my car and the bluetooth comes on BeyondPod starts up. I haven't' done anything (that I know of) that causes this. I've emptied my playlist and the last podcast played starts up. I can't figure it out. Any ideas? or suggestions? on how I can stop this from occurring?

    I'm using a Galazy S5 with the latest version. Help,, I'm going crazy trying to figure this out.


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    It's probably that your car's bluetooth automatically sends a Play (or Play/Pause) command when it starts up.

    If your car's bluetooth doesn't have a setting to control this, you could try installing the Headphone Connect app (or something similar), which allows you to configure what happens when you connect headphones (wired or Bluetooth) to your phone.


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