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Thread: EpisodeSync Not Working

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    EpisodeSync Not Working

    I have installed this extension in Chrome on my Windows 7 laptop using the ARChon runtime and it appears to run properly. I know that this build is targeted at Chrome OS, but please humor me. My hope was to use this version of BeyondPod during the day rather than my phone because it will be easier to manage while I'm working. However, I need to use EpisodeSync in order to make sure all my episode locations are the same between my computer and phone. Every time I try to login to EpisodeSync I get this error in a toast:

    Unable to connect to BeyondPod servers!
    Try again later

    Is there any way to fix this issue so that I can login?

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    BeyondPod Team
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    Your setup is correct, and should work (at least it works on Chrome OS).
    This is probably an issue in ArchOn (the Android environment that BeyondPod actually runs on) which probably does not have correct SSL certificates.
    BeyondPod uses SSL to log-in so if the SSL connection fails you would get this error.

    You can see if this is indeed the issue by trying to log in and then looking at the Android Log (BeyondPod Settings > Menu > View Logs > View Android Log)
    If this is the issue, then you can maybe find a way to add a correct root certificate to ArchOn.

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    It does appear to be SSL related. Do you have any idea on how to add it to ARChon?

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    I filed a bug report with the author of ARChon, so we'll see if this issue can be fixed. Do you know if the issue is present on Chromebooks?

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    Unfortunately I don't have any experience with Archon itself (but I know there are Archon clones out there that may support different features).

    Syncing works on Chrome OS version. Even more, Chrome's Android Runtime supports Google Cloud messaging so changes made on the mobile device are reflected in BeyondPod (when running on Chrome) as you make them on the mobile device.

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    I'm not sure what version fixed it, but I'm now able to get EpisodeSync to work with ARC Welder installed (42.4410.288.35). Now I just need to get around the PRO expiration at the end of March to be set up for listening on my computer.

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