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Thread: Episode download error in BeyondPod only; other apps OK

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    Episode download error in BeyondPod only; other apps OK

    For a specific podcast that posts multiple mp3 updates daily, BeyondPod throws an error when attempting to download three recent (Dec 3) episodes only. I have been able to download these same episodes using both IOS's podcast app as well as a different Android app.

    Is there anything I can do on my end to download and listen to this episode in BeyondPod?

    Thanks in advance, and good job on the 4.0 redesign!

    Here is the error message from the BeyondPod log:

    Failed Episodes
    "8 Hours for Work, 8 Hours for Rest, 8 Hours for What We Will"
    Reason to fail: IllegalStateException - Target host must not be null, or set in parameters. scheme=null,, path=/~r/wnyc_bl/~5/bPnYIraUbNU/bl120314epod.mp3

    Here is the feed for the podcast:

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    A number of feeds have had this problem - I assume all from the same publisher or published via a similar host.
    The others I've seen were resolved recently by the publisher, so if you're still having problems with this one, you should contact them.


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