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    Download Later

    I have a few podcasts where I don't automatically download episodes. I look at the list of available episode and decide which few (if any) I want to pull down. I can initiate a download immediately, but that's not always convenient or I don't have service. I'd like to have the ability to mark an episode to download at the next update when I'll be on WiFi.

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    How about long pressing the download button for scheduling the download.

    Or there could be an option: Schedule episode download when not on WiFi when pressing the download button.

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    Great suggestion! I fully support.

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    For the time-being, one possible workaround is to add the episode to your playlist, and you can then Download All in Playlist when you ARE next on WiFi. (Don't forget to set BP to only stream on WiFi, or never to stream if you want to avoid streaming these episodes using cellular data.)


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