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Thread: Any way to retrieve list of podcasts?

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    Any way to retrieve list of podcasts?

    Hey! I switched to an iPhone (barf) but I forgot to export my podcasts as an opml. Is there anyway to retrieve the list of the podcasts I subscribed to?

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    Do you not still have your previous device? An upgrade to a new device doesn't usually involve handing back the old one. If you don't still have it, I hope you did a full Factory Reset before handing it over to somebody else. (If you didn't, change the passwords on all your connected services, and especially your Google account and Dropbox or any other automatic upload account immediately, and if you had Android Device Manager enabled for a remote wipe, use it.)

    But to answer your question, your device is the only place that BP (currently) stores your feeds, so without the old device, there's no way to export them.


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