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Thread: Episode Text, size and layout

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    Episode Text, size and layout

    When comparing the 'all episodes' pane, on my two sync'd devices. The text layout, colour and size seemed much more legible on my old HTC desire s. Running Beyondpod version, 3.3.68. Compared to moto g 4g. Using version, 4.1.22 beta.
    The text is larger and whiter, the date is easier to read and in the same position on every episode. The podcast length is easier to read and find, with it being located on the larger episode artwork.
    This is true when comparing to, both the large and new compact card layout.
    It would be great if the space available was used to its full potential.
    Please can the text size and brightness be increased and layout be rejigged.
    As my eyesight begins to fail, I need all the help I can get.

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    Thank you for your feedback we will take this into consideration for a future release.

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