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Thread: Audio playback stops abruptly just before end of podcast (4.1.22)

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    I have the exact same issue with my podcasts - it stops at the end of the podcast instead of going to the next on the list.
    This never did it on my Samsung S3 and S7.
    It does it on the two LG K7's phones I am using but not on the Samsung S7.
    The three phones use EpisodeSync so they have the same podcasts on each but only the LG's have this problem.
    Another time it stops abruptly in the middle of a podcast is when the EpisodeSync takes place between the phones. It then goes back 3 to 4 minutes.
    So... I now have it sync less often so I just struggle with the end of the episodes instead in the middle so much...
    I know it is on the LG's but still trying to pin point why.....

    Another issue related to this is that EpisodeSync does not transfer the info to the other phones since the episodes stop abruptly instead of ending normally.
    So, I have to delete them manually from the other phones...
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    I believe my problem is solved.
    I'm in the habit of not only backing out of a program on my phones but to also "close" all apps by pressing the necessary buttons - like on the LG K7 by pressing the square icon on the lower right of the screen and selecting "Close All" then all of the running apps are taken out of working memory. This closes BeyondPod but keeps it playing in the background.
    After trying all the settings possible on the phone and on BeyondPod, I decided to not close the BeyondPod app entirely and left it running in the foreground.
    As long as the app is not closed, I can minimize it or lock the screen and it all has been working flawlessly.
    It worked perfectly with no errors all day yesterday and so far today and I don't expect any more issues like this with it.
    It seems that the Samsung S7 (as well as the S3) treats the "closed" apps differently than the LG K7.

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