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Thread: scheduled updates problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim View Post
    Still it should display AM/PM in portrait as well. Can you let us know specifically which device you have? Also version of BeyondPod?

    I'm using BeyondPod 4.0.32 and it is a HTC Desire 510 (with 8gb) running Android 4.4.3 and HTC Sense 6.0.

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    Thank you!

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    Yes it is very confusing . It should be more obvious in the settings which automatic updates are scheduled.
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    Hi Julie,

    I am having similar issue as the OP. I found that unless I schedule my update to be run daily, it almost never get ran. It may be due to the app getting killed. But for a phone approaching 2 year old, it inevitably gets slow and needs a reboot from time to time, or it is shut down when the degraded battery dies. If these reset the schedule every time it is not very useful, as my 2 or 3 day schedule seldom get run, and the 7-day never get a chance at all. Is it possible to rebuild the schedule from the last run instead of rebuilding from stretch?

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    You figured it out; BP starts from zero when your device restarts, doesn't remember when the last update was run, and updates that don't happen every day only happen *after* that many days.

    IMHO, BP should update feeds like that on the first day, and then every n days thereafter. Problems like this would vanish.

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