I've been using the Smartplay automatic playlist-building for a couple of years now, and it's a wonderful feature, but since I upgraded to BeyondPod 4 in late December, the Smartplay list, formerly called "BeyondPod", is no longer available to other music players. This is a problem for me as I use a third-party player. (It has full-screen gestural controls, making it easy to control while driving without looking at the phone or having to muck around with voice controls, which are always a little flaky.)

I've gone into BP's Advanced playlist settings, where the "Episodes Visible in Music Player" option was still ticked. I tried unticking it, restarting, then ticking it and restarting, then refreshing the Smartplay playlist. No dice.

I've used a local shell window to verify that there is no ".nomedia" file in the BeyondPod directory, which is on my SD card (but I'm not running KitKat, so that's not the problem).

I've read posts on this forum, where I've seen people with the opposite problem. I watched the help video on Smartplay, but it was meant for people just getting started with it and did not mention other music players. I even tried giving the playlist a customized name, but that didn't help either.

No matter what I've tried, neither the built-in Music Player nor my third-party app - which always saw the updated "BeyondPod" playlist from v3 - can see it any more. While the old playlist stuck around, it did not get updated at all after the BP upgrade.

If I make a shortcut widget on the Home screen to the Smartplay list, when I tap on it I can select my player app and it will play. But it only gets one episode at a time, not the playlist; and when I exit and tap on the shortcut again, BP supplies the next episode even if I was only partway through the previous one. So that's not useable either. (The player also doesn't receive the podcast information for display, e.g. title.)

I don't mind learning a new interface, but I do need the old behavior in this case. The settings suggest it should still work, but it doesn't seem to. How do I get it back?

Thank you.