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Thread: All podcasts automatically stop between 48-51 minute mark

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    All podcasts automatically stop between 48-51 minute mark

    I am using BP 4.0.32 on my T-Mobile Galaxy S5. On all podcasts I stream, somewhere between the 48-52 minute mark the stream stops and the app closes. When I reopen the app, the podcast shows as "played", and I must restart the episode and approximate where it stopped. Samsung is no help as they hide behind the "3rd party app" defense. I also searched the Android (Kit Kat) forums with no luck. This never happened when I had my Galaxy S3. Samsung tech support suggested it might be a compatibility issue.

    Just to test the consistency I downloaded another podcast app and the same thing happened. Because of space limits I do not want to download every podcast I listen to.

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    I suspect that podcasts take up less space than you think they do; you can just download one episode at a time for each feed to keep space usage to a minimum.

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    Streaming is controlled entirely by your device's built-in player, so I'm afraid all BeyondPod can do is ASK the player to play the episode. It then hands over control of the playback, buffering, etc. to the player, and only regains it when the player says it has finished playback (or you explicitly pause/ff/rew playback yourself).

    As Dennis says, you can ask BeyondPod to restrict the number of podcasts downloaded at any time, so that may be your best bet for now.


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