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Thread: Automatically download latest unplayed episodes.

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    Exclamation Automatically download latest unplayed episodes.

    Unless I'm doing something wrong, there isn't anyway to automatically download the latest specifically unplayed episode of a feed. It currently only downloads the latest episode, which, if it's played, means no episodes are downloaded for that feed. I'd like the ability to automatically download them much like "Download In Order", but the reverse chronological order.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    You are correct in that automatic episode downloads always move forward in time from whichever episode you chose as your starting point.

    I'm afraid there is no way to automatically go backwards (or to go backwards only if there isn't anything newer) in a feed. The reason for this is that many podcasts are time-sensitive, in that they become less relevant after a certain amount of time, and it would be confusing to get a current episode one day, and then one that is 6 months old the next. However, for non-time-sensitive feeds, you can use Download in Order to start with Episode 1, and move forwards from there. (In this case, BP will only download a new episode once you've listened to one to "make space" for the next one.) See Episode Download Logic.

    As with all enhancement requests, we prioritise at least in part by the number of people who would make use of a particular feature, so if we get any more requests for it, we may consider introducing this option at a later date.


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    I would also really like this feature. I listen to a few tech podcasts that have several years worth of episodes. If I listen to the latest I run out of episodes very quickly. Switching to playing in order means I go back to episodes several years old. An option to play the latest unplayed would mean I can always listen to the most recent available.

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