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    Video podcast episode disappears

    even when I've watched half of it.

    To clarify, the video podcast episode does not disappear whilst I am watching it but this morning after suspecting that these particular episodes seemed to go I watched 1/2 of the video episode. Then stopped playing it. This evening now I have come to continue playing this video podcast I notice that the ((.)) stream icon has appeared next to the episode.

    When I go look in the Feeds area, the download icon (an arrow pointing down to a line) has appeared so I have the option to download it (again). What is strange is, it has kept track of where I am up to in the podcast itself (currently 25 mins left with the orange progress bar just over 1/2 way).

    I have tried removing the feed and re-adding it. I have looked in the advanced feed options.

    A week ago I even saw that I had around 6/7 episodes and all of them gave me the option to download... when I am sure they all had at 1 point.

    The video podcast feed is " - Game Scoop! TV(Video)"

    I have not seen this strange behaviour in any other podcast though to be fair I don't have any other video feeds. I will try looking for another video podcast feed to see if similar oddities occur.

    I have also not reached a storage limit as my nexus 6 has 18GB available.

    Feed settings are;
    Category "games"
    Episode download "download latest 1 episode and keep at most 10"

    I thought about flicking the option "allow episode deletion" to see if that keeps these episodes as I generally manage my podcasts manually anyway by picking the "delete played" option if for no other reason that to keep my episode list tidy.

    Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue? I have done a couple of searches in the forums.

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