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Thread: Tagging individual tracks

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    Tagging individual tracks


    I use BeyondPod to download music mixes, and like to re-listen to some tracks. The favourites option is good, but doesn't go far enough because sometimes I struggle to find the track I'm looking for. A genre tagging system for individual tracks would be really useful.

    I could use the genre tag for entire feeds however this is often in appropriate since individual tracks within a single feed can vary a lot.

    Keep up the great work guys.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum, and thanks for the suggestion.

    I suspect this really goes beyond the general intention of a podcast app, where the general expectation is that the majority of episodes will be "listen once and delete". Allowing you to keep some is one thing, but a comprehensive tagging system is probably beyond the realistic requirements for a podcatcher for the majority of users.

    However, you could make your episodes visible to the music player, and tag/organise from there instead. You can enable this in the Advanced Settings (Settings | Menu | Advanced Settings | Episodes Visible in Music Player).

    As with all enhancement requests, we evaluate feasibility according to a number of criteria, and one of those is how many users will benefit from the feature. If we get requests for the same functionality from a number of other people, it's more likely to get implemented, but I suspect in this instance it may be a case of feature creep, I'm afraid.


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