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Thread: URGENT! BeyondPod will only save podcasts to the internal memory

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    URGENT! BeyondPod will only save podcasts to the internal memory

    I just upgraded to the HTC Rezound and for some reason they Rezound considers it's own internal storage the "SD" card and has the SD card listed as the subdirectory sd_ext. I need to change the path from /mnt/sdcard/BeyondPod to /mnt/sdcard/sd_ext/BeyondPod.

    I tried changing the download directory by going to Menu > More > About BeyondPod > Pressing and holding on the line that has the version number > Advanced Settings. Then under "Episode Download Path" I entered /mnt/sdcard/sd_ext/BeyondPod. Then I exited BeyonPod by choosing Menu > More > Exit BeyondPod. Then I went into the file explorer and moved (I didn't copy it) the BeyondPod folder to /mnt/sdcard/sd_ext/ then confirmed that there was no BeyondPod folder in /mnt/sdcard/. I started BeyondPod back up and it recreated the old /mnt/sdcard/BeyondPod folder. I've tried this several times and have tried clearing the app cache but nothing seems to work.

    What is the problem? I do not want podcasts downloaded to my internal memory. There needs to be a way to fix this. There need to be a way to definitively set the download path and to stop BeyondPod from automatically picking where it will download to.
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    just move the beyondpod folder to the external card.

    instructions here:
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    Did you read my post? That is exactly what I did, but it didn't work.

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    When specifying the download folder use only /mnt/sdcard/sd_ext/ (not /mnt/sdcard/sd_ext/BeyondPod) as this path must point to the PARENT of the BeyondPod folder (where to look for the BeyondPod folder). In your case it was looking for /mnt/sdcard/sd_ext/BeyondPod/BeyondPod and could not find it.
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    Thanks, that fixed it.
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    Nevermind, that did not fix it. I'm not sure when but BeyondPod decided to change over and start saving podcasts to the internal storage again. I didn't notice until I filled up my internal storage. How do I stop this? There has to be a way to prevent BeyondPod from downloading to my limited internal storage. I have a 32 GB microSD and can't use it. Please help.

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    After you have fixed the path, did you go back and delete any BeyondPod directory that the program may have created (when it couldn't find your path).

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    Yes I did and it worked fine for a while as evidenced by a number of podcasts being in the correct directory. At some point though it decided to recreate the directory on the internal storage and start downloading them there again.

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    I would prefer the option to turn off the automatic download directory completely. I want to specify where things are downloaded to, and if that location is unavailable then give me an error instead of secretly changing the download location.

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    We recently added this exact setting. The issue usually occurs during boot, when on some devices (probably based on the size of the SD card) the SD card becomes available after substantial delay. When BeyondPod is started during boot the internal SD card becomes available much earlier and BeyondPod considers that the external SD card was permanently removed.

    If you find that your download folder gets reset back to the internal storage card, you can configure BeyondPod to "stick" with the external storage card by going to: Menu > More > About BeyondPod > Press and hold on the line with the version number > Advanced Settings and checking "Download Path is Removable".

    You can find more information here (this is part of the upcoming 3.0 help)

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