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Thread: URGENT! BeyondPod will only save podcasts to the internal memory

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    This is a late reply but you solved my original problem. Thanks.

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    The "uncheck removable/restart/recheck removable" fixed my issue as well - it may be worth mentioning this in the help?


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    I was pulling my hair out with this problem until I happened to stumble upon this thread. This solution has solved my problem as well -- thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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    I have to say thanks so much as well. I spent 2 hours last night, and another 1.5 today trying to get it to use the extSdCad, I too followed all the directions laid out in the first post and went into advanced settings and changed the path, but it would keep going back to the internal.

    This was all while setting up my new Galaxy S3, and before I found this thread I was getting ready to take my shiny new phone back today!

    Thank you all again & again!

    Just to be clear, after everyone has gotten it to use the extSdCard you have been able to check the "this is removable storage" box in advanced settings?

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    After a few tries I was able to get BP to use my extSD on my Galaxy S3. Something that hung me up was trying to do a restore from another phone. Eventually had to give up on that and just manually re-add all of my subscribed channels and groups.

    NPR, after getting the extSD working I did check the removable storage box. It seems to hold through a reboot too.

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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    It really should work (it did for me, once I did things in the right order).

    First, on the old device, make sure that "Download Path is Removable"/"Lock to Current Path" (depending on version) is NOT ticked.

    Then move the SD card to the SGS3 (or whatever your new device is). Make sure that there is NOT a BeyondPod directory in the /sdcard folder (internal memory) on the new device. If your old device didn't have an SD card, you can copy the folder over by other means (e.g. by attaching old phone and SD card to a PC, using Dropbox, etc.)

    Then start up BeyondPod. As there is not BP folder on the internal storage, BP will look for other "known" paths for external cards. In the case of the SGS3, it's extSdCard. If it finds a BeyondPod folder there, it will use it. At that point, you can go to Menu | More | Settings | Menu | Advanced to lock the directory to the external card.

    The bit that tripped me up was having ticked the box to lock BP to "sdcard" - on a device which didn't have any internal storage.

    If you can't copy the actual folder across, you can still export and import your feeds and settings using Menu | Settings | Backup and Restore. If your old device didn't have an SD card slot, you can share the backup to Dropbox, email, etc. to get it to your new device.


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