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Thread: losing titles and descriptions of previously downloaded podcasts

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    losing titles and descriptions of previously downloaded podcasts

    I changed phones and when I did I made a backup in Titanium Backup, then put the microsd card with all my podcasts into the new phone and restored my backup. All my feeds and settings were transferred perfectly however none of the titles or descriptions of the already downloaded podcasts are showing, it just says the file name. I also seemed to lose my play history (for partially played podcasts). I now have about 11 GB of indistinguishable podcasts.

    I've been able to backup and restore with Titanium without a problem in the past. What's going on now? How do I preserve the titles, descriptions and play history when I restore a backup?

    Edit: This may be related to this thread but I don't know what to do with that information. Also, I'm always on the latest version of BP so if this was a bug that was fixed it may not be related.
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    Hello? Anyone?

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    Well I had to delete all my podcasts and start downloading them all over again. I'd still like to figure this out to avoid this problem in the future.

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    Sorry - can't help. These instructions have always worked for me.

    The good news is that version 3.0 (currently in Beta) has an explicit backup / restore function.


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    This usually happens when BeyondPod was started and could not find the downloaded episode files on the SD card. In this case it assumes that the files were externally deleted and deletes its internal records containing the extra data for each episode (like title, description, last played position etc.). This mismatch often happens when moving the BeyondPod folder from one location to another (or across devices) and the new BeyondPod folder location is incorrect (or unavailable) for some reason.

    Because such mismatches occasionally occur when moving between folders or devices, one of the recent betas changed this behavior, so now if BeyondPod can't find the local episode files on the SD card, by default it will convert the episodes to "streamable" (instead of deleting them). This will preserve the episode data and if the downloaded files become available at some point later it will try to convert the "streamable" episodes back to downloaded.

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    The problem was probably happening because of the issues I was having with the download directory defaulting to the internal memory.

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