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Thread: Somehow pause and restart player while phone screen is 'locked'?

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    Somehow pause and restart player while phone screen is 'locked'?

    My phone: Moto Droid X2
    Beyondpod v 3.0.6

    Yeah, I know I'm stretching here, but enquiring minds want to know...

    While playing, I can easily control volume with the physical side buttons with the screen locked off.

    But I'd like to be able to find a way to quickly engage "pause" and "play" alternately, as there are many times (like at work) where something important comes up that needs attention. At those times I can't stop and fiddle around with a touchscreen.

    My usual mp3 player has external controls of course, which I can easily use blind, and right through clothing.
    I'm just addicted to BP with the playback speed variator add-on, and the fact that I can automatically get fresh podcasts over the air throughout the day.
    I only use the old player 5% - 10% of the time now.

    I'll yank out one or both earbuds to pay more attention, but usually those times happen to be when I need to keep my eyes focused as well.
    And if I've stopped listening for a while, I have to search back through files to find the spot I left off - real annoying during high-speed playback. Plus, the battery is busy evaporating while I'm not using it.


    If it's impossible to work this through the BP app, perhaps something can be done with the phone.
    The usual control buttons (Menu; Home; Back; Search) along the bottom front are physical - thankfully - not part of the touch-screen.

    I've read elsewhere here that BP uses the phone's existing Player. Is that audio and video, or just the phone's video program? The audio player seems to be part of the BP app. I don't know. [Of course, this post is only pertaining to audio playback.]
    Maybe there's an outside audio player I can download?

    As with many phones, a quick tap on the power button will shut off the screen, and another will bring it back - but you have to do a touch-slide to bring back the previous working, or home screen. [The Home button will also wake up the screen.]
    Is there a way to avoid the slide-on on this phone? I can't find it.
    It seems silly, since once you do the shutoff tap, the screen won't wake up 'til you hit the button again - the phone can't just start making calls from your pocket, so the stupid extra slide-on is unnecessary.

    This could solve it for me, since the Player can be paused and restarted by just tapping anywhere on the screen while it is up.
    Screen-on push, then Player tap.
    Done in seconds without a glance. Would be nice.

    Well, thanks for putting up with such a long post - you experienced users seem to get your point across much quicker than I do.

    Thank You in advance;

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    The lack of external play controls is one of my biggest gripes about touchscreen phones. If you root your phone a put a custom ROM on, many of them have a work around. My last thunderbolt ROM allowed me to pause and play when the screen was off by pressing both volume buttons at the same time. I could also skip forward and back by long holding the volume Buttons individually.

    Other ROMs will put player controls on the lockscreen.

    Another option is to get a headset with a button that answers calls. The one I have pauses and plays BP with the button.

    Finally, if you just need to do a quick pause you can pull the headphones out. This usually pauses playback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mweb View Post
    Other ROMs will put player controls on the lockscreen
    this is an ICS feature, so will work on any phone with ics.

    Another option is to get a headset with a button that answers calls. The one I have pauses and plays BP with the button.
    The headset that came with the phone will do this, you need to enable it in settings, most that you can buy that say iphone compatible will not work though as they are wired the other way round.
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    Thanks mweb.

    OK, I'm 52. I'm not a wizz, nor am I entirely green either.
    I'm from the 'solid state circuit' days, with 'semi-conductors' and all the colored wires that had to be soldered and/or taped. Messing around with anything having chips, and only boards, is sort of like putting your hand near a racoon's face. You just don't need to go there.
    Hey, the stuff you guys fool around with now is just a super miniaturized version of what me and my friends played with.
    I might start a fire or get a shock - while you guys probably would 'fry' or 'brick' something.
    Same world, two different hemispheres. So don't laugh, this is kind of embarrassing for me.

    Does 'root' mean 'hack'? [Not that I can give a detailed explanation of "hack".]
    Also; 'custom' in my world means an expert built it, and you can't just go buy it. I'm sure I can't do that.
    Or, can I actually get that for myself? Or can I get an expert to do it for/show me?

    Now, the pulling-the-wire-out thing worked perfectly. Didn't know that. I can yank it out quick when needed. Then, when there's a quiet moment, I can plug in and do the swipe, and I'm set.

    I'm just using standard earbuds. I'm positive if I get a controllable headset, it'll work as you said. I had an old Bluetooth earpiece about 5 years ago that I lost. That thing commanded my old phone like a TV remote. It HAS to work.

    But, I AM REALLY intrigued with your "custom ROM" thing - heh heh. If it's possible for me to swing that, and if you can, fill me in.

    paulroberts; thank you too.

    What the hell is "ICS"? And does my phone have it?
    And, as I said above; can I just get a custom ROM for it somewhere?

    And, yes, I've been told the IPhone stuff works differently.
    I'm just going to get some wired headset. The wire is like a leash to me to help not lose things. Wireless would be gone in two weeks.

    Thanks again to the both of you for your time and help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curtisbusch View Post
    I'll yank out one or both earbuds to pay more attention, but usually those times happen to be when I need to keep my eyes focused as well.
    You could just unplug the earphones from the jack, and that will pause the podcast. Or at least it will if you have "Pause on Headset Disconnect" ticked in the BeyondPod Player Settings.


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    Yeah, the unplug works fine for now. Next step; a buttoned earpiece/headset. That should give me pause and play. I like the wired better - the wire is a leash for me so I'll hold on to the headset longer.


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    If you are using pre Ice Cream sandwich device, have you tried to turning on "Lock Screen Controls" in BeyondPod's settings (Menu > More > Settings > General Settings > Lock Screen Controls).
    This will display the player above the lock screen so you can play/pause/skip by only turning the screen on (no need to unlock).

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    That is exactly what I wanted. Works perfectly.
    Never even noticed the 'lock-screen' in settings.

    When I get a new program/app, I just let it fly and go back later to fine tune, if I need to.
    Just skimmed right over it.

    Now, a quick tap on the button brings BP up immediately.

    And I've been checking out those suggestions for other apps that are helping in many other ways to reconfigure my phone just the way I want it.

    Thanks again everyone.


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