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Thread: Moving download location

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    Moving download location

    I have a Droid X2, and my SD card is /mnt/sdcard-ext

    According to the knowledgebase article on how to change the download directory,

    "When BeyondPod starts, it will check both the internal and external storage locations and use the location where it finds "BeyondPod" folder.

    The method described above, will work for cases where the external SD card is located in a well known location (currently: "/emmc", "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd", "/mnt/external_sd", "/sdcard/sd", "/mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD", "/mnt/sdcard-ext", "/mnt/Removable/MicroSD", "/Removable/MicroSD", "/mnt/external1" as of BeyondPod ver 2.8.8)"
    So I moved my BeyondPod folder to the SD card, and when I start up BeyondPod, it must read the new location, since it knows about all my podcasts. But none of the downloaded podcasts are there, and it creates a new directory in the internal storage with empty "Podcasts" directory, etc.

    The same is happening if I follow the procedure to manually set the directory ... it reads the list of subscribed podcasts from the new location, but then creates an empry folder structure on the internal location anyway.

    Any ideas?

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    If it creates a new folder on the internal SD card, then for some reason it can't find /mnt/sdcard-ext/BeyondPod folder when BeyondPod is starting. The list of subscriptions is actually stored in a database located the main phone memory so it does not change when you move the BeyondPod folder itself (the BeyondPod folder contains only files you download like feed content and episodes).

    To determine where BeyondPod folder is currently located and if an alternative storage card is available, you can use the BeyondPod Environment Info diagnostic menu: Menu > More > About BeyondPod > Press and hold on the line with the version number > Environment Info. What does it show under "Optional Root" and "BP location on Optional?"

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    I had the same problem because I was specifying the "BeyondPod" folder when I set it manually instead of specifying the parent directory and letting it find the ByondPod folder in there. See this thread for more.

    Also, I don't think that it's reading the "list of subscribed podcasts from the new location." That list is stored in the database, not in the download directory.

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