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    Arc Welder

    Hi all,

    last week google released Arc Welder, an extension for Chrome that allows you to run android apks on chrome ( ). I have been trying to get cross-device sync to work between my PC and phone, however, i am unable to verify that i have the Pro unlock on the PC due to performing a backup/restore. I totally understand if there is no way to do this - but was wondering if there was a way i could let Arc Welder/the APK on my computer to acknowledge my PRO key. I would even purchase a key again for the convenience.

    Thanks, love the product!

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    We do already have a beta chrome app for BeyondPod (see, and it does sort of work with ARC Welder.

    However, Google simply have not implemented a mechanism for handling paid apps in Android for Chrome atm, so see the BeyondPod for Chromebooks forum section (above) for the chrome-specific version, which behaves as if it was paid (and has a limited life).


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    Not sure how you integrated the ARC Welder Android emulator.

    It is is now possible to integrate them with all the device.

    I think you might have to update and try if you have not solve this matter yet

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