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Thread: No Longer PRO

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    No Longer PRO

    I bought a PRO unlock key awhile back and really loved it. Then I had to do a factory reset on my phone and I lost my PRO status along with all my category lists. Is there a way I can get my PRO status back or do I have to buy it again? I still have the Transaction ID and Invoice ID saved from my PayPal receipt as proof of purchase.

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    Without intervention of the BP team, you have to sign in to the Play Store with the same account you used to buy PRO originally.

    If you no longer have that account, or didn't buy via the Play Store, the BP team can most likely fix you up.

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    Hi @janaglam, and welcome to the forum.

    As Dennis says, assuming you bought from the Google Play Store, you need to use the same google account on your phone to retrieve all of your installed apps, paid subscriptions, and paid apps - not just BeyondPod. For BeyondPod specifically, you need to reinstall the unlock key If you're signed into the Play store with the same account you used before, Google knows you've paid, so you don't need to pay again.

    For future reference, before doing a Factory Reset, you'll want to back up your settings and data as if you were moving to a new device - see How to move BeyondPod to a New Device. (This is easiest if you store your data on a removable SD card, as all you have to do is (re)insert the card in the new (reset) device, navigate to the backup in a file manager, and tap on it to get BP to restore from it.)

    As it is, Google's own backup is unreliable to say the least (which is why BP has its own, more robust version - and even then, you still need to make a copy of the entire BP folder if it's not on a removable card), so I'm afraid it's likely that you've irretrievably lost all your feeds, settings, etc.

    If you didn't buy via the Play Store, then please email support at beyondpod dot mobi with the proof of purchase that you mentioned.


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    To be clear if you made a purchase directly through Paypal (as opposed to paying Google Play with Paypal) the link is in the email received with your personalized link/key. The link will say download expired but there is a button on the page to request a new personalized link from Payloadz (our paypal vendor).

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