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Thread: Battery drain on Android Wear

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    Battery drain on Android Wear

    I've noticed that the battery drain on my Asus Zenwatch is significantly higher when I have the Beyondpod controls in my notification tray (even if I don't use them very often). Is there a reason that the Beyondpod Android Wear feature should drain battery on a smartwatch even when it is not actively being used? (i.e. if it is just sitting in the list of notifications)?

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    We're not aware of anybody else seeing this, and can't think of any reason why it should be happening.

    The notification is handled by Android. If BP isn't playing it doesn't do anything with the notification and there should not be anything to drain the battery on the watch - it is the same notification you see on the phone but "copied" to the watch by Android. As such it responds to "Keep Paused Notification" in the settings, so unticking that option in the Player Settings will remove it automatically when BeyondPod is paused.

    There are no wake locks on the watch or even anything remotely related to that which could be draining the battery.


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