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Thread: Older episodes no longer appear

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    Older episodes no longer appear

    Out of the blue, last thursday, on every feed I can no longer access older episodes. I was trying to listen to all available dating back to 2012 for "the round table of gentleman" now it only goes back to may 2015. Is there a setting for something like this?

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    Hi, and welcome.

    There is no setting. Which view are you looking at?

    My Episodes shows you all of your downloaded episodes, whether they are still in the feed or not.
    All Published shows you all of the episodes that are still in the publisher's feed (which is entirely controlled by the publisher).

    The only other thing I can think of is that from My Episodes, there is a Filter option in the menu (three dots, top right corner), and you may have inadvertantly set a filter that excludes all the episodes you can't see.


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