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Thread: Better SD card access API

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    Lightbulb Better SD card access API

    Apparently Lollipop introduced a new ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE intent ( That allows apps to write to other locations. Can this be added to Beyond Pod?

    (so I can go back to my nice clean "/sdcard1/podcasts" folder)


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    Things will change again with Android M, which encourages developers to use the same folder structure even on internal storage that was required from KitKat on SD cards. To store files elsewhere, apps will have to use the new interactive permissions requests to ask users to allow access to write to other folders.

    Technically, I guess that means that you would then be able to give BP write access to folders in general, and choose to store them anywhere you like on Android M, but for general use we'll be sticking with Google's guidelines / requirements for the default folder structure until then.

    Our intention is to only require users to allow SD card access for virtual feeds. (Various legacy permissions should allow users to continue to use the existing BeyondPod folder on internal storage without having to request SD card access.)

    Of course, you could always create a symlink from /sdcard1/podcasts to /sdcard1/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod


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